Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.
It's held in five hotels: the Hyatt Regency,
Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott Marquis and the
Westin Peachtree Plaza in downtown Atlanta.

.. DRAGONCON 2017 - 1/4 September - Ciruelo will be signing prints and books at his booth in the Artshow (Hyatt). There will be a second booth with prints and books of Ciruelo at the AmericasMart, Building II, first Floor, booth #1820 (right next to Larry Elmore). There will be four panels in which Ciruelo will discuss different topics:
1 - Dragon Art and Dragon Books - with Christopher Paolini, Todd McCaffrey and Todd Lockwood- Friday 04:00 pm, Hanover C-E, Hyatt.
2 - Petropictos, the Art of Painting on Stone - Grand Hall D - Hyatt - Friday 05:30 pm
3 - Writers and Illustrators of the Future: A discussion of the Contest - with Echo Chernick and Larry Elmore - Sunday 04:00 pm - Grand Hall C, Hyatt
4 - Legends, Fairy Tales and Realities about Dragons from all over the World - Monday 10:00 am - Grand Hall C, Hyatt

.. DRAGONCON 2016 - 2/5 September

Ciruelo was a Guest Artist at Dragoncon 2016. There were a number of original artworks available
for purchase at his booth in the Art Show. He did four presentations titled: Legends and Realities
about Dragons
, Petropictos the Art of Painting on Stone, The traditional artistic process from pencil
sketch to final painting
and Fantasy vs Reality.

The artist's booth in the Art Show Hall.

Ciruelo and Christopher Paolini.

.. DRAGONCON 2015 - 4/7 September


Ciruelo was the Guest of Honor at Dragoncon 2015.

An exhibition of his oil paintings was displayed in the Art Show, where the artist was signing his books and prints.

He was part of the jury that selected a number of artworks for the Artshow Awards.

He also did three discussion panels, one on Dragons, one on his technique Petropictos and a jury discussion with other artists.

The Program Book of the event featured a painting that Ciruelo did especially for the convention. The title of the image is Flight Instructors and portrays a young lady who is being invited to fly by a group of fairies and a dragon. For that purpose she is wearing a pair of elfmade wings.

The painting is oils on canvas. 20"x 27,5"



Official Lithograph for Dragoncon 2015.

Quality paper, 18" x 26".

Available for purchase, 27 $ (USD) signed by Ciruelo. Email us


Watch a video of the painting process of this image:
Ciruelo at the Guest of
Honor Awards Banquet.

Art Show Awards ceremony. Jury include,
Fred Fields, Chris Seaman and Ciruelo.

Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest ........ DAC EDITIONS ........ Copyright by Ciruelo Cabral IMAGE TOUR