For sure some of these images painted by Ciruelo are familiar to you.
They are spread all over the internet,
sometimes without the proper copyrights.
All of them are included in the legendary
The Book of the Dragon by Ciruelo
which is well known by all fantasy art lovers.


Throughout history dragons and human beings have been unable to live peacefully side by side. As a result, mankind has not been able to benefit from ancient dragon knowledge. Man's craving for power and religious beliefs have kept Europe engulfed in interminable and bloody struggles.

The dragon lords could not understand
the reasons for man's self-destructive
behaviour, and kept well out of the way,
retreating to remote hiding places
far from all this confusion.

Shrouded in mystery, the dragon's trail remained lost in the obscurity of legend. However, the dragons secretly pursued their quest for knowledge without completely excluding the human race, since they accepted and taught those few men who sought the essence of truth.

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